Other Ministries

Family Ministry

Ministry Goal: To develop and strengthen the Christ-likeness of family relations; empowering and motivating church families to be families-in-ministry to the world.

Elder: Ricky Butts

Deacon: Terry Livingston

Areas of responsibility: Family activities including: Seminars and classes, guest speakers.

Community Service

Ministry Goal: To improve the physical well being of the needy of our community – in the name of Christ.

Elder: Glenn Sargent

Deacon: Greg Moorer

Areas of responsibility: Meals on Wheels, Disaster team, Nursing homes, blood drives and Van service.

Congregational Development

Ministry Goal: To build the Creekwood congregation into a strong and vibrant body.

Elder: Mike Eddlemon

Deacon: Terry Livingston

Areas of responsibility: Monday Night for the Master, Involvement Ministry, Golden Sixties, Widows’ Program, Ministry Day.

Administration & Finance

Ministry Goal: Responsible for the orderly conduct of the church finances and the proper handling and accounting for the church funds.

Elder: Mike Eddlemon

Deacon: Mike Hankins

Co-workers: Terry Jones, James Giddens

Areas of responsibility: Count contribution, purchasing, data processing, accounting, insurance, advertising and publicity, & keep current records on members.

Facility Management

Ministry Goal: Care for the physical maintenance of building and grounds, building security, janitorial service, baptistery, Insurance, etc.

Elder: Ricky Butts

Deacons: John Sims, Bruce Englund, Bud McDonald

Areas of responsibility: Building security, building maintenance, janitor and supplies, grounds, baptistery, baptistery garments, budget, & parking lot.

Fellowship Ministry

Ministry Goal: Serves as a catalyst for personal involvement and sharing of the common faith, common love and common hope we have in Christ.

Elder: Mike Eddlemon

Deacons: Wayne Haney, Chris Presley

Areas of responsibility: Fellowships (whole congregation and special groups) – organization, preparation and maintenance of activities area.

Worship Ministry

Ministry Goal: Responsible for the planning and implementing of meaningful worship.

Elder: Ricky Butts

Deacons: Jonathan Brooks

Areas of responsibility: Worship services, ushers and table servers, greeters, control room, attendance records, song leaders, prayers, Wednesday night devotionals, duty roster, announcements, registrars, communion preparation, & communion supplies.

Zone Ministry

Ministry Goal: Maintains an organization of the entire congregation to provide a tool for quick and effective communication and to assist other ministries with their task.

Elder: Glenn Sargent

Deacon: Chris Presley


Areas of responsibility: Church directory, pictorial directory, community survey, calling tree, housing for out of town guests, meals and assistance, photography, and zone program.


Ministry Goal: Dedicated to the spread of the gospel to every soul in the community and the world.

Elder: Mike Eddlemon

Evangelist: David A. Sargent

Deacon: Chris Presley


Areas of responsibility: Pulpit evangelism, gospel meetings, guest speakers, local and foreign missions, personal work, visitation, prison ministry, benevolence, website, Internet evangelism, tract racks, newspaper, radio and television broadcasts, welcome center, visitors ministry & bulletin boards.

Education Ministry

Ministry Goal: Responsible for the oversight of the Bible School Program.

Elder: Glenn Sargent

Deacons: Joey Adams, Lyndell Farmer, Ross Gallaher, Sammie Morris

Areas of responsibility: Curriculum development, teacher development, questionnaire for Christian teaching, teacher appreciation, attendance charts and tracking, educational budget, Christian Soldier’s, Library, VBS, Youth training, Teacher supply room, Family Bible Hour.