The Creekwood World Bible School Ministry is being led by David Sargent & Greg Hall.

Our greatest mission is to teach others about Jesus. WBS is a good tool to help us accomplish that mission.

We have secured a web address through World Bible School that is Creekwood specific.

Creekwood WBS Website:

Anyone who signs up through this address will be directed to Creekwood’s teachers.

We want to invite any and all of our members to go through these lessons.
Our goal is to develop a team of teachers — “study helpers” — to use this tool to teach others about Jesus.

We want to encourage you to do two things:
1) Sign up to take the courses. You can sign up at the web address above.
2) Post this web address wherever you possibly can.
We plan to get some business cards printed with the address so that we can share it with our friends and neighbors.